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I checked it out, and the ballasts aren't even coming on, leaving me to believe its the relay again. None of them have had problems with the single beam kits though in the foglights, they have been working flawlessly. Anyone else had this problem? My question is, I have been in the market for HID's for a while myself, and you just can't beat VVME's prices, not to mention everyone is always saying great things about them, especially people on stangnet!

Would it be dumb of me to get a single beam kit for the headlights as well and just do away with my highbeams? The low beams and the foglights make more than enough light, and there isn't much difference between the HID high beams and low beams. Again, sorry for the story, but I would love this question answered.

Greenscobie86 Member. May 14, 0 17 The Island NY. I don't see why you can't just get the single beam kit if you are content with having no highbeams. But then again, the price is pretty much unbeatable so I have to live with it. If you get the single beam kit, the wiring will obviously be much simpler and you will likely not run into any problems with relays or whatnot. Since the single beam kit is sooo cheap, why not give it a try?

Vvme coupon code

Nov 29, 8, 3 78 A little grass shack on a big lava rock. Why would you buy anything from that company, especially after your friend's experience with them? Bad ballast after 2 days, and they won't warranty it? Bad harness after a short amount of time , and they won't warranty that either? They should have SOME type of warranty with their products, shouldn't they? ArkansasMystic New Member. Feb 16, 45 0 0. Their prices are a little higher, but still cheap and they offer a lifetime warranty. Jun 22, 6 18 Modesto, CA. Thanks for telling me about them.

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You might want to learn from your friends mistakes. It will be cheaper in the long run to buy one a little more expensive then to keep fixing yours. ErikTheBeast Member. Apr 12, 0 16 32 Kansas City MO www. Have them check your ground wires , Ive had two different occasions where the ground wire was bad on my VVME's. The relay kept blowing fuses left and right. I even ruined a ballast because I was dumb and put too big a fuse in.

Bought a ballast from Stangmods and theyre junk. I ended up splicing into the harness and making my own grounds with better connectors and a little longer wires and I havnt had a problem since As far as the single beams they're OK as long as you can get someone to pass you on an inspection. Jul 16, 1 0 0 El Paso, Texas. Rincon [TRX] H.

2002 HID conversion kits

I wanted to touch upon an issue, if I may. I have seen the color temperature issue pop up quite a bit and there is a lot of false information and misleading advertisements out there from other H. In regards to color temperature, you want to make sure you stay as close to K as possible. If you go higher, you are moving into the blue and purples, which will actually take away a considerable amount of useable light.

The way they manage to create the color temperature is by tinting the bulbs, which takes away from the actual light your eyes can use. If you go higher, you are moving backwards back into the yellow halogen colors. Again, the way they manage to create the yellow color is by tinting the bulbs, not to mention that the yellow color can cause fatigue on those longer rides. The K color temperature is brighter than even daylight.

The glass is clear on the bulb and it allows as much useable light to be seen. We have tested all the various color temperatures and our customers really appreciate the intense bright white K color temperature. We only offer K because our customers deserve the brightest, whitest light possible. A lot of companies try to mislead their potential customers by telling them that 10,K is brighter or the best, but the truth is that you want to get a light that is closest do daylight so that the area in front of the ATV or SIDExSIDE is as bright as possible.

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  • 3000K "Selective Yellow" HID Fog & High Beam Lights.
  • ★☆★[RARE] RINCON [H.I.D. Lighting Upgrade Kit] True Plug-N-Play!★☆★.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to call me or e-mail me. Thank you for your time!

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