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I used a points coupon online but it doesn't show on my receipt, where are my points On some coupons, we have to manually add bonus points at a later date so bonus points from coupons will not always appear on the receipt. When will I get my Nectar points? If I use a coupon for Pepsi but it is substituted for Coke do I still get my reward? What does the expiration date of the coupon mean, is it when I have to place the order using that coupon No.

How Sainsbury’s shoppers ‘can DOUBLE their Nectar points this month’

I don't have an Online account but have received a coupon which says I can use it in store or online. If I create an Online account will I see my coupon? Is my coupon valid on excluded items such as spirits?

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The same exclusion rules apply online as they do in store. Click here for more information.

The most popular Sainsbury's voucher code

Can I see what coupons I have used in the past or ones that have expired? Unfortunately no, that information is not available in the Coupon Wallet. Did this answer your question? Once you've linked your Nectar and eBay accounts, you'll see a summary of the points you've collected on eBay.

Your balance will show the Nectar points you've collected over the last 6 months on eBay. If you'd like to see all your points activity, including pending points or points collected from other Nectar partners, visit Nectar.

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  • Your account will be updated within 28 days of your purchase. To check your Nectar account balance, visit Nectar.

    The little known trick to getting Sainsbury's coupons before you shop

    Once you link your accounts, you'll see all your transactions on your statement in My eBay — Nectar. Purchases that were not eligible will be shown with zero points. Remember, in order to collect Nectar points on eBay you must commit to buy an eligible item on eBay. You can request a new card.

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    • Your replacement will be delivered to you within 21 days. Once reported, your card will be blocked and a new one issued. Nectar will make sure your existing account and any points you've already collected are safe.

      Collecting Nectar points on eBay

      You'll also need to unlink your eBay account and link again with your new card before you can continue collecting points. To do this, in My eBay , go to Nectar and click Remove beside the card number. Once you've removed it, you'll be able to link again.

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      Remember, if you have your eBay account linked to an invalid Nectar card number, we won't be able to credit your Nectar points. If you receive a refund for any reason, the Nectar points you've collected will be deducted from your Nectar account within 28 days of the refund. You can check all your Nectar points activity when you log into your account at Nectar. Please allow up to 28 days of your purchase date.

      Money Saving Advice: How to Get Free Nectar Card Points

      Once your eBay and Nectar accounts are linked to collect points, you'll be able to convert your Nectar points into vouchers. All you have to do is set up your eBay account to spend points:. Vouchers are created and stored in My eBay and are available for you to select during checkout when you use PayPal.

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      You can use your vouchers across eBay. You also need to have a masters degree in loyalty card points and astrophysics because some of their terms and conditions get a bit confusing! You only have a short time from 30 October to 5 November to swap your points for double their value when you do it online via the Nectar site. You can order the in-app vouchers between 13 November and 19 November You will then have a digital voucher to scan when buying qualifying products and will be able to spend them in store from 13 November until 19 November. Because you can now order online and via the app, is the first year the Double Up event in digital only.

      This means you will no longer be able to have vouchers printed off by customer services in store.

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